Featured Firefighters

Bryan Runyan | Tulsa, OK

“Don’t count anything out.” Captain Bryan Runyan, Tulsa Fire Department Why did you become a firefighter? Captain Bryan Runyan’s path to the fire service began on the football field. His dad was a high school football coach and Bryan used to hang out at the field during practices. Several of the high school football playersContinue reading “Bryan Runyan | Tulsa, OK”

Darren Brinkkoeter | Canyon Lake, TX

“Technology will not change firefighters’ duties, but it will enhance their abilities.” Fire Chief Darren Brinkkoeter Why did you become a firefighter? Chief Darren Brinkkoeter earned his passion for firefighting from his father, a 40-year veteran of the fire service. During his dad’s time in the fire service, it was common for firefighters to workContinue reading “Darren Brinkkoeter | Canyon Lake, TX”

Dylan Briggs | Morrisville, NC

“This is the best job in the world. Treat it as such.” Lt. Dylan Briggs, Morrisville Fire Department Why did you originally become a firefighter? Lieutenant Dylan Briggs is a first-generation firefighter who initially wanted to go into law enforcement after finishing school. While studying criminal justice in college, he volunteered at his local fireContinue reading “Dylan Briggs | Morrisville, NC”

Dena Ali | Raleigh, NC

“Always leave it better than you found it.” Captain Dena Ali, City of Raleigh FD Why did you originally become a firefighter?  Captain Dena Ali was always interested in public safety. In high school, she loved the outdoors and playing sports. Initially, Ali wanted to be a police officer, which she actually did for 5Continue reading “Dena Ali | Raleigh, NC”

David Santos | Colton, CA

“Everyone has a unique perspective in life.” Why did you become a firefighter? Captain David Santos was first introduced to the fire service by a neighbor. Santos would typically pass a gentleman who worked in his front yard while he walked home from school. The neighbor worked for the Los Angeles County Fire Department, andContinue reading “David Santos | Colton, CA”

Drew Neal | Hutto, TX

“I’ve never seen a better medicine than kindness.” Captain Drew Neal Why did you initially become a firefighter? Captain Drew Neal, Hutto Fire Rescue (TX), always knew he wanted to help others but he wasn’t sure how he would go about it. When he turned 16, he knew the answer: firefighting. Hutto, TX is aContinue reading “Drew Neal | Hutto, TX”

Rayne Gray | Phoenix, AZ

“I can promise you this: if anyone is up for the challenge, it’s the firefighters.” Battalion Chief Rayne Gray What encouraged you to join the fire service? Battalion Chief Rayne Gray with the Phoenix Fire Department has always dedicated himself to serving his community. Before becoming a firefighter, he served 4 years in the U.S.Continue reading “Rayne Gray | Phoenix, AZ”

Chris Baker | Placerville, CA

“It is the duty of all firefighters to pass on their knowledge to every new person on the job.” Captain Chris Baker Why did you become a firefighter? Fire Captain Chris Baker recalls the time in August of 2005, when he was watching the devastation on TV from Hurricane Katrina and Rita in the GulfContinue reading “Chris Baker | Placerville, CA”

Mike Tucker | Oxford, FL

“Any change we can make to help firefighters live a healthy life after retirement is worth doing.” Chief Mike Tucker Why did you become a firefighter? Chief Mike Tucker did not initially set out to become a firefighter when he entered the work force. It wasn’t until his friend, who had recently gotten into theContinue reading “Mike Tucker | Oxford, FL”


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